iPhone 7 Full Review 


The new iPhone 7 is designed in a brilliant manner, but it is a bit similar to iPhone 6 and 6S… 
The build quality is amazing, and this time it is “water/Splash and dust resistant “… 
It comes with a 4.7 Inch Amoled display (Apple’s Retina Display)…

This time Apple has bought a new colour option for its fans : Its JET BLACH colour… 
The iphone 7 comes with iOS 10 and a brilliant 12 Mega Pixel rear camera with f/1.8 aperture and a dual toned LED flash light… 

Also see Xiaomi Redmi 4 launched in India via Amazon

The front camera is a 7 Megapixel shooter….

Apart from these Common features.. The new thing in iPhone 7 is that it doesn’t have any HEADPHONE JACK!?! 

Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus support VoLTE out of the box and worked just fine with the Reliance Jio network for calling and data during our tests.
The two phones performed identically in all our benchmarks, and blew the competition out of the water in most of them. In AnTuTu, the two phones scored over 176,000, way ahead of the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Google Pixel XL. Only the much newer OnePlus 3T comes close, but it still scored nearly 2000 points less than the iPhone 7 Plus in our tests. We saw similar numbers with Geekbench’s single-core test, in which Apple’s offerings were an order of magnitude ahead of all other phones (including the OnePlus 3T).
The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have the same Touch ID fingerprint scanner as the last generation models did…. 

The Fingerprint sensors are too fast and accurate! 
iPhone 7 has A10 Fusion chip set (Processor) with is brilliant, awesome and fastest!!! 

There is no lag or crushes in between the game plays or browsing or Using other multiple Apps… 
FINALLY after reading this article, I will say that Apple had done a very good job this time also! 

Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7S are the best smartphone that we can buy as of now! 

Here are some competitors of iPhone 7 :

1). Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 

2). One Plus 3 T 

3). Xiaomi Mi MiX

4). Google Pixel and Pixel XL

5). Moto Z 
Thanks for reading! 

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