​Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks!!! 

Samsung Galaxy S8 design has already been leaked on many occasions. The thing that stands out in the design is the extremely thin top and bottom bezels on the front, which give a massive screen real estate to have a large display within the same dimensions as that of the Galaxy S7 edge. But according to a Forbes report, new leads have emerged on the design which may not really be that impressive.
For starters, the screen real estate is going to be shaved off from the top, thanks to the presence of Samsung branding on the front. According to prolific tipster Evan Blass, the top 1/4-inch of the screen will be hard-coded to display SAMSUNG.
The other detail that has been leaked is with related to the fingerprint scanner placement. Now generally, the fingerprint scanner is either in the front – merged with the home button, or on the rear side in the centre just under the camera module.
But Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks hint at the finger print scanner placement beside the camera module. This is not where your fingerprint rests naturally, and you would have to move your finger to the right to activate the scanner and unlock the device. This goes against the intuitive centre spot of the fingerprint scanner on the rear side.
Evan Blass says that the scanner will be located above the camera module, which would make it difficult for people with short fingers to reach it.
Either way, both design ideas sound strange. But we will have to wait for the final product to launch to see which one of it is indeed true.
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