Fact File #1

1). In 20o3,  students from London’s Camberwell College of Arts spent 630 hours creating the world’s biggest popcorn sculpture a 13 ft(4 m)  statue of King Kong,  weighing 1,720 lb(8oo kg)-that’s as much as four gorillas!

2). The strangest library in all history Saheb ibn Abad(938-995),  the Grand Vizier of Persia,  always traveled with 117,ooo books even when he went to war His mobile library was carried on oo 4 camels,  which were trained to walk in alphabetical order so any book could be located immediately.

3). Indian street performer Dey from Basirhat,  West Bengal,  must be the world’s most unconventional writer.  Even when he uses his hands,  he still insists on doing things and writes with all four limbs at the same time by inserting pens between his fingers and toes!  The 27-year-old can also write amazingly well in four different languages-Hindi,  Assamese,  English,  and Bangla.  Dey,  who wants to redefine the art of calligraphy,  says: “I was inspired when I a young boy in Calcutta writing with both hands.  thought I could do better.”

4). English novelist Charles Dickens(812-7o)  thought his writing would improve if he slept facing north!  He always carried a compass with him to check his direction.

5). The Louvre Museum in Paris,  home to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa,  has an exterior that is 2.5 mi(4 km)  in length!

6). The Cambodian alphabet has 74 letters,  while the Rotokas in Papua New Guinea has just 11 letters b,  e,  g,  i,  k,  o,  p,  r,  t,  and u.

7). The only 15-letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is”uncopyrightable.” 

8). There is no single word to say”yes or”no”  in Japanese.  

9). The Arabic Legislations Encyclopedia is so massive it weighs a staggering 925 lb(420 kg)  and has an index that takes up six volumes!


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