GK Quiz #1

GK Quiz #1

1). Who was the first chief justice of free India? 

Answer  :  Hiralal J. Kania 

2). Who is the richest person in the world? 
Answer : Bill Gates 

3). Who invented ultra violet rays? 

Answer : Hershal 

4). Electron was discovered by whom? 

Answer : J.J. Thomson 

5). Who is India’s first ever women foreign secretary? 

Answer : Chokila Iyer

6). Who wrote ” Financial Expert ”? 

Answer : R.K. Narayan 

7). Who is considered as the the father of the moving picture? 

Answer : Thomas Alwa Edison 

8). Which is the fastest car in the world? 

Answer : Hennessey Venom GT (Speed : 435.3 km/hr) 

9). President of USA (2017) ?

Answer : Donald Trump 

10). Fastest 100M sprinter in world? 

Answer : Ussain Bolt (9.58 seconds) 
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