Fact File #1

1). In 20o3,  students from London's Camberwell College of Arts spent 630 hours creating the world's biggest popcorn sculpture a 13 ft(4 m)  statue of King Kong,  weighing 1,720 lb(8oo kg)-that's as much as four gorillas! 2). The strangest library in all history Saheb ibn Abad(938-995),  the Grand Vizier of Persia,  always traveled with 117,ooo books even... Continue Reading →



​Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks!!!  Samsung Galaxy S8 design has already been leaked on many occasions. The thing that stands out in the design is the extremely thin top and bottom bezels on the front, which give a massive screen real estate to have a large display within the same dimensions as that of the Galaxy... Continue Reading →

iPhone 7 Full Review 

APPLE iPHONE 7 REVIEW  The new iPhone 7 is designed in a brilliant manner, but it is a bit similar to iPhone 6 and 6S...  The build quality is amazing, and this time it is "water/Splash and dust resistant "...  It comes with a 4.7 Inch Amoled display (Apple's Retina Display)... This time Apple has... Continue Reading →

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4… Best Seller… 

​Xiaomi Sells Record Number Of Redmi Note 4 On The Launch Day..  Xiaomi is the brand to beat when it comes to affordable smartphones. Last year, the Chinese brand's Redmi Note 3 was the best selling online device in India. Good times continue for the company as its latest budget smartphone, the Redmi Note 4... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is back! 

... Samsung to reveal Galaxy Note7 investigations on Jan. 23...  Samsung executives will announce the cause of the Galaxy Note7 incidents and quality enhancement plan during a press conference in Seoul, South Korea, on January 23, 2017. A person familiar with the matter told Reuters earlier this week that Samsung’s probe had found the battery... Continue Reading →

Xiaomi Redimi Note 4

XAIOMI REDMI NOTE 4 launched in India... EXCLUSIVELY on Flipkart! It's made up of full shining metal body...  It comes with a 5.5 inch full HD 1080p display.. A big 4100 Mah battery and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor... In terms of Camera it has a 13-megapixel rear camera with flash light and a... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone!  I am Harsh Kumar and this is my new blog/website/WordPress... And on this place you can get all the latest content on smartphones and other modern gadgets.. I will try to give you the best News on best times.. To get connected to me always, then Please like my Facebook page named The... Continue Reading →

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